Frequently asked questions

How do I add someone to the minister dropdown in the LED?

For someone to appear in the Minister dropdown, for your services, you will need to mark them as a Vicar on their profile.

You can do this by going to People, finding the relevant person, clicking the Edit button and clicking the Churches tab.  You will see a tick box labelled Vicar and you'll need to tick the box alongside the relevant churches.

We have a video for this, which you can see here:

How can I add the other churches I lead/am administrator for, to my LED?

Additional Churches need to be added to the LED by us, as we need to ensure that there are no accounts set up for those churches already.  If you send us the name and the postcode of the church, or churches, we will do some checks and add the churches for you.

How do I add a Minister/Administrator to the LED?

You can see how to add a new Administrator to your LED on our website, here:

When I log in to the LED I get a message that I have no access, how can I gain access?

The reason you have no access is that you have not been given sufficient permissions to view or edit any data within the LED.  You will need to speak to the person that added you to the system and ask them to add you to a Role that will give you the necessary permissions.  You can see how to add someone to a Role on our website, here:

I’ve clicked ‘Accept’ on an Enquiry Form that is embedded in my website and I can’t find the event in the LED.  Where has it gone?

Any events that are accepted from an Enquiry Form don’t have a confirmed date, so won’t appear in the Upcoming Services on the LED Dashboard.  You will see any events that don't have confirmed dates in the 'Services which are To Be Confirmed' widget on your LED Dashboard, which appears just below the Upcoming Services widget.

Alternatively, you can go to the Events calendar, click Event List at the top of the page and click the ‘To be confirmed’ tab.  You are also able to see Upcoming Events and Past Events, here.

One of my church names/parish names is incorrect, how can I change it?

We will need to change any church names or parish names for you.  You’ll just need to email us with the correct details and we’ll be able to make the changes.

I can’t see the dates for Banns on the Banns Service/Wedding Service I’ve added.

The Add Banns option is for use when someone is having Banns read in your church, but is going to be married elsewhere.  For weddings taking place in your church, you would use the Add Wedding button.

In both cases, when you add the date of the wedding, and save the service, the Banns dates will be added automatically.  You will be able to see the Banns dates by clicking the 'To Do List' tab.

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