Set up Payment Processor

To enable you to process card and direct debit payments, you will need to set up an account with our payment processor.  This will mean that donations and ticket payments can be made and that the funds, once processed, will be sent to your bank account.

To set up the Payment Processing, in the Finance Module, you will need to click Settings at the top of the page, and then the Legal Entity tab.  You will need to click the Unlock and Edit button at the top right, enter your password and click the Verify button.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the Payment Processing section and a Set Up Details button, which you need to click.   When you click the button, a modal will open.  To allow you to complete the details, you’ll need to go to the bottom of the modal and tick the box indicating that you are authorised to agree to the Services Agreement and Stripe Connected Account Agreement.

Once the box has been ticked, click the Register Account button.  The details above will be completed once you have registered your account with Stripe.

Under ‘Type of Business’, as the majority of churches are registered charities, you can select ‘Non-profit’.  Under ‘Business Structure’ select ‘Other/I’m not sure’, then click Continue.

Enter your church name under ‘Legal business name’ and under ‘Companies House Registration Number (CRN)’, enter your charity number.  If your charity number isn’t accepted, when you move to the next page, you can enter 00000000 and Stripe will contact you to verify the details.

The registered business address and Business phone number will be the address and phone number of the church.

Under ‘Industry’, go to Membership Organisations and select Religious Organisations.  The Business Website will be your church website address.

You will also need to enter something into the Product description box, this could simply be the church name, but you can enter more if you wish.

The Business Representative will need to be someone who has ‘significant responsibility for the control and management’ of the church.  This may be the minister, treasurer or administrator, for example.

On the Business Owners page, you can ‘Continue with no owners’.

On the Business Directors page, you can ‘Continue with no directors’.

On the Business Executives page, you should already see the name you entered under Business Representative.  You can add additional representatives, if you wish, or just click ‘Done, continue’.

On the Customer support details page, enter the email address people should use if they have any questions, under Customer support email, and under Bacs Direct Debit display name, enter the name that you want to appear on people’s bank statements when they donate or pay for tickets.  This is limited to 8 characters.  Click Continue.

You may need to provide some proof of address and proof of identity, if Stripe are unable to verify the details entered.

You can do this by clicking the Verify Now button and selecting one of the options given to verify your identity.  You’ll then need to click Next, or Continue to upload, and follow the instructions on screen.

Once you’ve provided the verification, click the Submit button.  Review the details on the review page and, if you’re happy with them, click the Done button.  You will then be returned to iKnow Church.

You’ll then need to click the Set Up Details button again and click the pencil icon in the Bank Account section.  You can then enter the bank account details that payments will be made to, click the Save button and your account details will be verified.  If you ever need to update your details, you can click the Set Up Details button.

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