Legal Entities

The Legal Entity tab of the Settings section in the Finance Module is where the details needed for your Gift Aid claims are set up and also, the bank account details for Card and Direct Debit payments.

There will be a Legal Entity already added which will have the name of your primary location when your iKnow account was set up.  You are able to edit the existing Legal Entity and add additional Legal Entities, if you need to.  Each Legal Entity can have its own bank details attached to it.

To edit the existing details, you will need to click the orange Unlock and Edit button at the top right of the page.  When the button is clicked you will need to enter your iKnow password to verify you are authorised to access these details.  Once you have entered your password, click the Verify button.  As long as the correct password is entered, you will be able to make changes to the details.

You can choose which locations are attached to this Legal Entity by clicking the Campuses button and switching the toggle next to the location, or locations, you require.  Each location can only be attached to one Legal Entity.

The details that you add will need to match the details held by HMRC if you wish to submit Gift Aid claims through iKnow.  If the details are incorrect, HMRC will reject any Gift Aid claims you submit until they are corrected.

The person added as the Finance Officer will need to have a profile in the People module and will need to have access to the Finance Module.

For Payment Processing, you will need to set up an account with our payment processor which you can do by clicking the Set Up Details button.  We have a separate video that goes through setting up Payment Processing.

To add a new Legal Entity you will need to click the + Legal Entity button.  You can then complete the details and click the Save button.  Once you have saved the details, you will be able to set up the Payment Processing.

You are able to delete a Legal Entity by clicking the red dustbin icon at the top right of the Legal Entity.  To delete a Legal Entity, you will need to unlink any Campuses, Payment Providers, Giving Page Embeds, Donors, Gift Aid Claims and Campaigns.

Once you have made all your changes to the Legal Entities, you will need to click the Save and Lock button at the top of the page.

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