Adding Funeral People

To add a Funeral to the LED, you will need to click the ‘Add Funeral’ button on the LED Dashboard.


You will see 10 tabs on the ‘Add New Funeral Service’ page, which will allow you to add the People involved, details of the Service and Financial details.


This video will cover adding the People that are involved, there are other videos that cover adding the Service and the Financial information.


The first tab that you will see, when you click the ‘Add Funeral’ button is the ‘Main’ tab, this is where you can add details of the deceased.  You will be able to add the personal details of the deceased, as well as recording whether the Green Form has been seen and any Special Information about them.


The ‘Key People’ tab will allow you to add the person who is dealing with all the funeral arrangements, under ‘Main Contact’.  You will also be able to add other Key People, such as children, spouse or siblings.  You can add as many ‘Key People’ as you need to by clickiing the ‘Add Key Person’ button, at the bottom of the page.


Finally, the ‘Funeral Director’ tab will allow you to add details of the Funeral Director and any specific notes that may be needed.


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